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Recommended Gerber Fat Testing Kit
  1. Recommended Testing Kit Hand Operated consisting of fat testing Gerber:

    Centrifuges Machine 12 Test Hand Operated
    1 no.
    Milk Butyrometer ISI Marked
    20 nos
    Lock Stopper ISI Marked
    4 dozen
    Lock Stopper key
    5 nos
    Milk Pipette ISI Marked
    12 nos
    Tilt Measure 1 ml
    4 nos
    Tilt Measure 10 ml
    4 nos
    Sample Bottle 100 ml
    50 nos
    Butyrometer Stand 12 test (Plastic)
    1 nos
    Pipette Stand Plastic
    1 nos
    Sample bottle stand 12 test
    1 no
    Butyrometer cleaning brush
    1 gross
    Pipette Brush
    1 gross
    Sample bottle brush
    1 gross
    S.S. Sample Dipper 100 ml
    1 no
    Wash bottle
    10 nos
    Thermometer 0-110 C Alcohol
    10 nos
    Lactometer 0-40 84 F zeal
    1 nos
    Lactometer jars Plastic small size
    2 nos
    Amyl alcohol A Grade
    5 Ltrs
    S. S. Can Plunger
    1 nos
    Milky Sure Urea Testing 1 Pack (Complementary)

  2. Recommended Testing Kit for Electrical Operated for 12 Test consisting of above accessories but with electrical testing centrifuge Nova 12 Test.
  3. Recommended Testing Kit Electrical Operated for 24 Test consisting of above accessories electrical centrifuge GE 3 series 24 test.

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